Telesocial’s New Developer Plug-in for Voice Features

Telesocial’s New Developer Plug-in for Voice Features

Telesocial, a San Francisco-based cloud telephony service started in 2008, launched its newest plug-in extension for developers, allowing easy integration of in-game voice and calling features at no cost to the developer. The 3D telephone and voicemail system allows gamers to engage in group calls with other players, leave voice messages and engage in conference calls.

The Telesocial 3D plug-in helps Unity developers turn the gaming experience into a social one. The new extension runs directly from any Unity app, and it doesn’t require VoIP, headset or client download. In-game calls are anonymous and secure with no phone numbers visible to any players.

Eric Stone, CTO and co-founder of Telesocial, stated in a press release,

“Game developers are always looking for new channels to enhance their games. With the Telesocial 3D plug-in, players can call other players for help, characters can leave messages or communicate with players. These are some of the many features that our plug-in can instantly add to a game and create a new social game mechanic.”

The ability to communicate with other players while playing a game certainly boosts the game’s social identity, which may lead to increased game retention. Adding more of a social aspect to a game is one of the enticing elements Telesocial can deliver to Unity developers. With the popularity of social websites today – Twitter, Facebook, Google and others – social gaming is destined to increase in popularity.

Telesocial’s free and easy-to-use API allows developers to easily integrate voice features into their games using virtually any language. The company already has helped deliver mobile-to-mobile calling at several social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Game developers can start implementing voice and calling features into their games by signing up for an account at Telesocial’s sandbox.

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