Telesocial Launches an In-Game Mobile Calling Mod for Minecraft

Telesocial Launches an In-Game Mobile Calling Mod for Minecraft

Telesocial releases a free Minecraft modification to add social voice features within the game

San Francisco, Calif., May 24, 2012 – Telesocial (, the San Francisco-based cloud telephony service platform, has released a free modification, or “mod” plugin for the popular game, Minecraft. The Telesocial mod allows Minecraft players to call each other or initiate group calls on their mobile phones directly from within their game. Call recipients do not have to be in the game in order to receive calls from other players. Players can now join a Minecraft conversation wherever, whenever and never miss a beat.

Some of the cool Telesocial Minecraft mod features include group player calling, server conference spaces, a server calling directory, and call blocking. Additionally, because Telesocial understands that not everyone can talk throughout the day, they have launched a feature that lets players control when they are available to receive calls.

Telesocial is currently the only solution for Minecraft players to initiate mobile-to-mobile group calls in a safe and anonymous way. Using the Bukkit development environment, the Telesocial plugin is easy to download and registration is quick and secure. Furthermore, the mod does not require VoIP, any software to download or a headset hooked up to a computer, making this mod one of the simplest voice solutions in the industry.

“Minecraft players are looking for new and innovative ways to enhance their gaming experience,” says Eric Stone, CTO and co-founder of Telesocial. “Telesocial’s Minecraft mod instantly adds a fun new feature that is convenient and useful. It takes gaming to the next level,” adds Stone.

Telesocial’s unique technology is one of the most disruptive innovations in mobile and gaming convergence. Telesocial’s technology translates players IDs into phone numbers, making it the safest way to communicate with voice in a group setting online

Telesocial’s Minecraft mod is currently available to use in the U.S. and uses the Telesocial API. To learn more and get the instructions on how to download the plugin visit:

To learn more about Telesocial, please visit:

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