Telesocial Releases Social Calling API for LinkedIn Developer Platform

Telesocial Releases Social Calling API for LinkedIn Developer Platform

Telesocial (, the San Francisco-based cloud telephony service platform, announced today the extension of their social voice API to the LinkedIn developer platform. Using the Telesocial API and the LinkedIn platform, developers can now integrate mobile voice calling into their applications without any usage fees. Additionally, web users can click-to-call directly to a mobile phone from within an app without having to know the receivers’ phone number, making your LinkedIn profile your ultimate phone book for networking in a safe and convenient way.

Social voice features available with the API include group calling, in-application voicemail, server conference spaces, call blocking and many more. The Telesocial API is free for users and developers and can service billions of calls on LinkedIn apps; any LinkedIn developer can add our advanced calling features to their apps without cost and at the scale of the social web.

The Telesocial API is unique because it gives developers a versatile interface, providing for a wide range of voice-powered use cases and integrations. Unlike existing VoIP solutions, a user does not need to be logged into the social platform or application to receive a call or a voice message, as call functionalities are delivered via the existing mobile-phone infrastructure. Telesocial’s solution is enabled by strategic relationships with key telecoms providers.

“The share API and other platform enhancements from LinkedIn make the distribution of new and innovative communications possible,” says Eric Stone, CTO of Telesocial. “Using the Telesocial API, developers can distribute social voice communications on a massive scale like never before. We look forward to seeing the creative ways that developers integrate our API into their apps,” adds Stone.

To get started, developers should sign up on the Telesocial website and generate an API key for the LinkedIn Network. Telesocial’s API is available today as a SSL REST service and is free to users and developers and has support in many languages – PHP, .Net / C#, Objective-C / iOS, JAVA, Python, Ruby, Scala, Flash / ActionScript3 and Unity are supported.

The Telesocial network currently supports all US mobile carriers.
To get started, visit:

About Telesocial:
Founded in 2008, Telesocial’s mission is to make social media more social by bringing mobile voice to the social web. By using Telesocial’s free and easy-to-use API, developers on nine different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, iOS and Android can integrate the power of voice in a safe and scalable way. Telesocial is a privately held company with the head office in San Francisco, Calif.

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