Telesocial intros VoIP to Unity apps

Telesocial intros VoIP to Unity apps

Plug-in extension will allow developers to add in-app mobile-to-mobile calling.

Cloud-based telecoms firm Telesocial has launched a free plug-in extension for the Unity gaming engine, which provides developer’s with tools that will allow them to integrate VolP services into their apps.

That means app users will be able to communicate by making calls from within the app, leaving voice messages for each other or initiating conference calls.

The functionality will ensure all phone numbers are secure, so that the gameplay will be safe and anonymous.

Eric Stone, CTO and co-founder of Telesocial, says:

“Game developers are always looking for new channels to enhance their games. With the Telesocial 3D plug-in, players can call other players for help, characters can leave messages or communicate with players.

These are some of the many features that our plug-in can instantly add to a game and create a new social game mechanic”

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