I love this study. It’s from an independent organization on American technology use.

Here’s the interesting part for me:

  • 26% of all teens (including those with and without cell phones) say they talk daily with friends on their cell phone, down from 38% of teens in 2009.

However, the Pew Internet survey shows that the heaviest texters are also the heaviest talkers. The heaviest texters (those who exchange more than 100 texts a day) are much more likely than lighter texters to say that they talk on their cell phone daily. Some 69% of heavy texters talk daily on their cell phones, compared with 46% of medium texters (those exchanging 21-100 texts a day) and 43% of light texters (those exchanging 0-20 texts a day). “

The study shows teens are talking less on their cell phones than in 2009, while texting has increased. This finding seems so obvious since it’s been splashed all over the media.

But what you never hear is the second part, that heavy texters are also the heaviest talkers! More texting = more voice. Once you hear that, it makes sense. Socially active people talk more. Those who prefer a good book?…probably less.
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